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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Friday Links - Lawsuits and Goodbyes

Hey, did you hear enough about Barret Jackman and the Arizona Coyotes yesterday? Yes? Well, too bad!

Thursday Links - Vegas Coyotes?

Seattle Steady Rains? Quebec City Monsieurs? Kansas City Barbecues?

Monday Links - Naked Edition

Stop that thought right there, it's not what you think.

GTGT: We All Could Use A Drink

Come join us for Game 2 on Saturday at Cousin Hugo's!

Thursday Links - The Planets Align

All the game sevens, earthquakes, and musical Supernatural.

Friday Links - Lava Steaks

They're probably tastier than you'd think.

Thursday Links - Hockey Pick-Up Lines

Thanks, Dave.

Friday Links - Under-Five Die Hard

There was no hockey yesterday. So you get to see Dara O'Briain come up with an innovative way to replace nativity plays.

Thursday Links - Drunk Office

Always look on the bright side of life. Except when you're getting hammered at the office. But even then.

Blues Fan Soapbox: A Change Is Gonna Come

Loyal GT reader Gonzo Steadman takes his turn on the soapbox.

Friday Links - I Need A Drink

Thanks for nothing, State of Hockey.

Thursday Links - The Dancing Astronaut

And . . . Muppets!

Friday Links - Late Goals and Bad Goals

And the Blues still aren't in the second round.

Fourth Annual* Game Time Playoff Bandwagon Poll

Pros and Cons of joining the bandwagons of the remaining playoff teams. Who should be back for he rest of the postseason? Vote and tell us why!

Thursday Links - Round Two

A Blues-less round 2 yet again.

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It's not eating babies, but it's close enough.

A Fan's Rant On The End Of The Blues' Season

I try to make Game Time an open forum for discussion, catharsis, and mourning. One day it will be for celebration.

Featured Fanshot

Is Brian Elliott Done In St. Louis?

I believe that Jake Allen is the future; I do not believe that the future is here quite yet. What team takes a two-time all-star and guy who holds four team records (shutouts as a blue, lowest season GAA, highest season SV%, and most shutouts in one season) and dumps him in the way that the Blues have Elliott?

Featured Fanshot

Beyond Checkerdome Rd 1 Game 6 Quick Shot

The End of the Road for the Blues this year. Again.

T.J. Oshie: "We Just Haven't Gotten The Goals"

In post-game interviews the accountability level of the team is about where you would expect.

Featured Fanshot

Kevin Shattenkirk Expects Changes For The Blues

But what if Doug Armstrong is part of those changes? Changes have happened in the past for the Blues, but the outcome keeps staying the same. Maybe deeper things need to happen.

Featured Fanshot

Blues To Part Ways With Hitchcock This Week: Report

Well, report-ish, coming from David Kaplan, NBCSN analyst. Of course, the Blues can't fire someone whose contract is officialy done, so this will probably be a "mutual parting of ways." Todd McClellan is high on the team's list, which I'm certain will translate to a first round win and a second round exit. Progress! also, it's @StLouisBlues, David. That's a defunct fan-run Twitter

Featured Fanshot

Hitchcock Pulls Allen Right After Vote Of Confidence

While I a) do not blame this series on Allen and b) understand the concept of a learning experience, perhaps the playoffs in a must-win elimination game isn't an appropriate place to have one.

GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Wild Game Six

Do or die. Do or die.

Ill Communication: Blues At Wild Game 6 Preview

Blues face elimination today. It's up to them how it plays out.

This stream has:

Blues At Wild Game Six Game Day Storystream

It's time for the Blues to write their own history this afternoon. Which path are they going to choose?

Blues At Wild Game Six Morning Open Thread: D Day

It's time for the Blues to write their own history this afternoon. Which path are they going to choose?

An Open Letter to the 2014-15 St. Louis Blues

Don't continue breaking my fucking heart. Write a new book.

Featured Fanshot

Vladimir Tarasenko The Biggest Bright Spot This Series

With all of the doom and gloom surrounding last night, it's easy to overlook the fact that Vladimir Tarasenko has six goals on nine shots this series.

Saturday Links - Stage 4: Depression

The Five Stages of Grief have set in. Last night Blew.

Featured Fanshot

Beyond Checkerdome Quick Shot: Round 1, Game 5

On this Quick Shot, we started off strong.... took a break in the middle, and then had to try to pull it together at the end. Sound familiar?

Recap Game 5: Blues Lay Another Egg at Home

Wild Score 4 Unanswered Goals to Take 3-2 Series Lead