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Hurricanes At Blues Morning Open Thread: Staaled

The Carolina Hurricanes are second to last in the NHL. Are their fortunes finally turning around?

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes have spend a good portion of this season in the infirmity, while dealing with some generally uninspired play. At the halfway point of the season, they have 13 wins, good for second to last in the NHL. Before you think they're in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes, though, they have been playing generally better hockey as of late.

They are also 4-16-2 on the road.

This is either excellent news for the Blues, who have a combined 20 goals in their last three games - or it's terrible news. Why terrible? Bad teams have a sneak attack mode. They lull other teams into a false sense of complacency, encourage them to play down to the bad team's level, and then they pounce. Sure, they lost to the NHL leading (!) Nashville Predators 3-2 on Tuesday night, but considering the fact that the Canes are in last place in the East, that's an accomplishment.

If Brian Elliott or the Blues' offense slip, it could be a one-goal game in the other direction.

This is your morning open thread. Head back for the second part of Rick's Swedish adventure, your preview, and hopefully a post detailing the fact that Vladimir Tarasenko and Kevin Shattenkirk will be wearing the ugliest All Star Game jerseys ever in a couple of weeks.

While you're waiting for the ASG announcement, head to Canes Country and get a dose of Southern hospitality from some of the nicest tailgaters in the NHL.