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Maple Leafs At Blues Morning Open Thread: Phil The Thrill

Phil Kessel and (more importantly) Roman Polak will be meeting up with the Blues tonight at Scottrade. The Blues have a solid chance to get back in the win column.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I am an unabashed, unashamed Phil Kessel fan. It's not entirely because of the fact that he's an excellent hockey player; it's because he doesn't tolerate stupid people well. When you're in Toronto and you have to deal with their news media, you are in an environment of near constant stupidity. I can watch this video of Kessel snapping on Dave Feschuk on loop for all eternity.

If you've ever wanted to tell off an idiot but can't at your job, just live vicariously through Phil.

To be honest, the Leafs are a bit of a train wreck. They fired head coach Randy Carlyle, and while playing a tiny bit better, this road trip has not been kind. They were shut out by the Kings and Ducks, and lost to the Sharks on Thursday 3-1. They're rudderless, and a jigsaw of random parts that're expected to fit, yet somehow don't. That falls to the front office, not the coach.

Former Blue Roman Polak may be the Leafs' one quality addition. Here's Roman, proving he's still a BAMF.

Never change, big guy.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for the second to last part of Rick's Sweden Saga, your preview, and whatever else we can find. Head over to Pension Plan Puppets and say hi to our compatriots in cynicism.