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Saturday Links: Especially Good at Expectorating

GOALIE GOAL!!! That's really the most important thing here, you guys.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks! Long time, eh? Well I'm back & better than......well, I'm back anyway.


  • Both Dmitrij Jaskin (yay!) and Joakim Lindstrom (...yay?) will be in the Blues lineup tonight. Who will sit in favor of them both? Will it be Steve Ott, making DK really happy, or Maxim Lapierre, making me really happy? [SLGT]
  • Despite Thursday's bump in the road, the Blues recent run of good fortune has been helped by the turn around in play of Alex Pietrangelo and Jay Bouwmeester. Also, we've been score a fuck ton of goals. [STLToday]
  • TRAFFIC ALERT: If you use 44 to get downtown for the game, you'll probably have to take a detour due to road closures. Details: [MoDOT]
  • Why aren't there any women hockey players in the NHL? Oh right, most men players are sexist assholes with aggression issues. Well Hannah Stuart of High Heels and High Sticks imagines that maybe they should be in the league anyway, and gives every team in Conference III a prominent player from the women's game based on their needs. US Olympic fans will be pretty happy with the Blues pick(s). (Sticktap to CCR.) [High Heels & High Stick]
  • PROGRAMMING NOTE: Tonight's game will be an early 6:00 puck drop, because it's the Hockey Night in Canada main course. Plan your evening accordingly. ...fucking Canada...
  • The Maple Leafs recently fired Randy Carlyle but they're only 1-3 since his dismissal, leading some Toronto media figures to say that the team was better off with Carlyle than without. This is extremely fucking stupid for several very simple reasons. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Have the Leafs lost their mojo? [Toronto Star]
  • There were some games last night... [ 1/16]
  • ...and there are some games tonight, as well. The big late game you won't want to miss: Ducks-Kings. [ 1/17]
  • Kyle Okposo scored 4 goals - or 1 David Backes - last night as the Islanders came back in the 3rd to beat the Penguins 6-3. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Nashville welcomed back Barry Trotz for the first time last night in the Predators ' 4-3 win over Trotz's Capitals. [On the Forecheck]
  • Here's a #FunFact: the Winnipeg Jets have now beaten the Blackhawks at the United Center more times this season (3) than the Blues have in the past 3 1/2 seasons combined (2; both shootout wins) after they topped TFUN 4-2 last night. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Oh, and Dan Carcillo is a twat waffle. [Puck Daddy]
  • Meanwhile in the good part of Chicago (also known as Rosemont, IL), Avalanche backup goalie on an AHL rehab assignment Reto Berra scored an empty net goal for the Lake Erie Monsters against the Wolves. And BOY was he happy about it! I would be too if Magnus Paajarvi had set me up that well for something like that. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Do you have an arch nemesis? Someone you loathe to the very core, whose mere continued existence offends your humanity? Do you know that person's mailing address (so no, Patrick Kane probably doesn't qualify)? Then do the wickedest thing you could do to another human being: send them an envelop full of glitter. [On the Media]
  • The Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, and one of the nominees is cinematographer Dick Pope...or at least he was Dick Pope, until the Academy president decided to rename him "Dick Poop." And now no one will ever stop laughing again! [Vulture]
  • Ohio State winning the National Championship sucks ass because fuck Ohio State...but it does clearly mean that the Big Ten now runs the country with an iron-midwestern-fist. Here are the 27 biggest changes to your everyday life in this bold new world (unless you live here in the midwest, where these were already the law of the land). [SBNation College Football]
  • St. Louis' newest team, Saint Louis FC, finally made their affiliation with the Chicago Fire of MLS official yesterday. You could read about it on the Fire's official site...or you could read about it on the world's first STL FC-specific blog Gateway City Goal Post. I hear it's run by this really smart, sexy guy. [Gateway City Goal Post]


Seriously, it's not everyday you see a Goalie Goal, even in the AHL!

Don't fuck around with Gaston.

Speaking of which, is Gaston even really that bad?

Believe it or not, I'm back tomorrow. Toss a few links my way, will ya'?
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The Maple Leafs suck ass, so expect either A) the Blues to score 7 goals and no one gives a shit, B) the Blues win a close one and some crazy people go crazy, or C) the Blues to lose, even by a fluke, and everyone to go fucking berserk.

I'm ready, are you? Let's go Blues!