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NHL Goal Differentials at the All-Star break

Nothing fancy, just a quick look at goal differentials by team.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I pulled this data using the game-by-game report at  So I am calculating the goal differential based on the Goals For and Goals Against columns in that report.  It will include power play goals, but will exclude the extra goal that is the result of games going to the shootout.  (Which in my opinion is just one more reason to get rid of the shootout.  It screws with stats when you have a goal that is "scored" but isn't counted as an actual goal in the stats.)

Nothing fancy here.  Just a simple heat map and corresponding bar chart.  You can sort the map and bar chart by three different variables:  goal differential, goals for %, and shooting %.

You'll notice the results might differ from what they have been saying on broadcasts. Still not sure why this is. Regardless the Blues are still one of the top teams in goal differential and goals for %.