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2015 NHL Skills Competition: Time, TV schedule, events and live stream

What's on the docket for the usually entertaining Skills Competition?

Harry How/Getty Images

Let's just admit this up front: the two parts of the skills competition that everyone looks forward to are the breakaway challenge competition and the hardest shot challenge. The latter we'll all watch to see how hard Shea Weber can slap a puck. The former? Will Ovie in sunglasses again this year?

After seeing him last night, he'll probably be wearing sunglasses at least part of the day today. Wow.

What events will be held tonight? Well, was nice enough to publish the events (and their sponsors!):

• Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater™

• Honda NHL Breakaway Challenge™

• DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting™

• Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay™

• AMP NHL Hardest Shot™

• Discover NHL Shootout™

Each event gets a different number of points assigned to it; the winner earns those points for their team. The fastest skater, accuracy shooting, and hardest shot challenges are each worth five; the skills relay is worth three, and the breakaway challenge gets one. The shootout awards 1 point for every goal scored; 2 points for every goal scored with a Discover card puck.

The line-ups will be determined by the captains and alternate captains before the event. If you're interested in more tomfoolery, flip on NBCSN at 6:00, or head to NBCSN's site for the live-stream.