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NHL Skills Competition 2015: Team Foligno Defeats Team Toews, 25-19

Vladimir Tarasenko and Brian Elliott stole the show during the breakaway challenge.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Really, there is only one thing that we all care about tonight:

In other events that did not involve Brian Elliott and Vladimir Tarasenko capturing the hearts and minds of Twitter, Team Foligno won, 25-19. It wasn't that close most of the event; Team Toews made up ground during the shootout, which is where it belongs, in a skills competition.

Maple Leafs fans and guys with doughy physiques everywhere have something to cheer about, as Phil Kessel proved he's better than Tyler Seguin once and for all.

Shea Weber proved why he's so terrifying (from our friends at On the Forecheck):

Note to whoever Coach says to block those shots: don't. Just don't. 108.5 MPH is bizonkers, but I want to see him do that with a wooden stick (and not have it explode into a billion pieces).

Kevin Shattenkirk and his beautiful hair participated in the relay by moving a puck around some Gatorade bottles. Good job Kevin.

Tonight's events were fun; tomorrow's will be a nice way to kill a late Sunday afternoon with a beer or two. Expectations for the All-Star Weekend are always cynically low, but Columbus is putting on a pretty good show so far.