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2015 All-Star Game Thread: Come, Cheer On Team Whoever

The Blues are split up, so you don't have to worry about any pesky cheering for a particular squad. Just watch and have fun.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about the All-Star Game: at least the NHL doesn't pretend that it's something that it isn't. You will never hear "this one counts" out of the mouth of Gary Bettman, because he knows it's just a weekend of fun. While Bettman might like to crush fun underneath his tiny heel, he also knows that the more fun the players have, the more fun the fans have, and the more fans'll watch.

And you're watching. I know you are. Sure, you might say that you're just doing it to support Kevin Shattenkirk, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Brian Elliott. But admit it. You're having fun.

You're probably also drinking, too. And that's fine! You're in good company.

Hang out for a while and chat up the game, folks. We have a long time until the Blues are back in action, so you might as well kill some time with people that you like.