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2015 NHL All-Star Game final score: Team Toews defeats Team Foligno 17-12.

This was the highest scoring All-Star Game in NHL history.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

So many goals were scored tonight that the Jackets' cannon finally ran out of gunpowder.

Well, until Brent Burns scored Team Foligno's 12th of the evening, that is.

Tonight's score of 17-12 took out the record previously set in 2001. Vladimir Tarasenko wound up finishing with four assists, and Kevin Shattenkirk finished with a goal and an assist. Brian Elliott allowed six goals while he was thinking of how ticked off his wife probably was that he left vacation early.

Here's Tarasenko's first assist, which was just something special.

There is not an ounce of selfishness in that kid.

Shatty's goal on Roberto Luongo was made possible by the fact that no one plays defense in these games ever. Luongo then tossed the puck to a fan, ruining Shattenkirk's weekend if you believe that he's the kind of guy who gets angry over ASG stuff (he's probably not).

John Tavares potted four goals, Jakub Vorachek had three, and Ryan Johansen won MVP. I'm sensing this thing was rigged somehow.

All in all, this weekend was a success for Columbus and for the NHL, and I'm sure that Nashville will top it next year. Let's start planning #EpicAllStarGame soon, gang, shall we?