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Celebrate 20 Years Of Fan-Run Publishing With Us

Look for our special issue Thursday and come to our watch party Friday.

"Oh, hey! I didn't see you standing there. I'm Kevin. And yes, I'm good with my stick."
"Oh, hey! I didn't see you standing there. I'm Kevin. And yes, I'm good with my stick."
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In a little more than 24 hours the St. Louis Blues will return to the ice after taking 10 days off for the All-Star Break. Other than Brian Elliott trying to become a sensation on social media, the commentators drooling over the talent of Vladimir Tarasenko, arguably the greatest goaltender in history retiring and the Blues trading a fourth-line player for a different fourth-line player, absolutely nothing has happened during the break.

Also in a little more than 24 hours you can get our special issue of the Game Time paper celebrating 20 years of fan-run papers sold outside Blues games. It was on Jan. 26, 1995 that Jeffio sold his first Game Night Revue. And now 20 years later we're still putting out a new issue for every Blues home game. And Friday night is our Blues watch party at Hot Shots. We'll get to that.

Here's why you should get Thursday's edition, which will have more pages than the normal 24-page publication:

  • Columns from the Jeffio and Gallagher, the first two publishers covering the first 17 years of this operation.
  • Columns from contributors to their publications who haven't regularly appeared in the paper for years.
  • Comedy content from both Jeffio and Gallagher.

There are some voices from the past, big laughs from bygone years. If you've followed Game Night Revue or Game Time at all over the past 20 years, you'll enjoy the issue. Plus we'll have all of the regular content covering Thursday night's game with the Nashville Predators. If you can't make it down to the game, we will have the issue available through the website beginning about an hour before the first faceoff.

Friday night, the Blues are in Carolina starting at 6 p.m. St. Louis time. We're hosting an official Game Time Get Together at the Hot Shots at 14051 Manchester Rd Manchester Road. We've been told to expect drink specials and hopefully a drawing for tickets to a future Blues game. We'll be there about 5:30 p.m. to make sure everything is running smoothly.

This is the weirdest hobby ever. There is only one other fan-run paper like us that we know of in all of North American professional sports (Committed Indian in Chicago). We're fans. This website, all of you who talk to us on Twitter around the world and the Beyond Checkerdome podcast are all offshoots that can trace back their origin to that first game of GNR. So let's celebrate.