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Buy Tonight's Special Game Time Paper

We're celebrating 20 years of fan-run papers sold outside St. Louis Blues games.

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In case you can't make it down to the St. Louis Blues game tonight with the division-leading Nashville Predators and you still want to buy our special 20th anniversary Game Time paper, you can buy it HERE.

On page 2, I write the From the Editor Column. Her'es the first half of that column:

This paper is chock full of memories and personal stories. Nearly every writer and contributor past and present shares what Game Night Revue, our predecessor, or Game Time means to them. If you regularly read the paper, you know how I feel about this thing.

We struggled to find a head vendor before the season started, mainly because I was lazy and procrastinated and put it off and wasn't a very good friend and I didn't know until the last minute that I needed a new head vendor. And for a moment, I felt relieved. I suddenly had an excuse.

I could quit the paper. I could walk away and go to bed at night and not be chained to my computer. But it was only a moment. Because then I thought about all the things that wouldn't happen, like this 20th anniversary. And I couldn't let that happen.

I'm proud. I believe what my team accomplishes ever home game is unmatched. Sure some fans can start a Facebook group and make a banner to take to games. And there are some misguided girls who are taking lingerie shots wearing Blues shit making fools of themselves on social media. If that's how they want to get attention, there are amateur nights on the other side of the river. You can become a Twitter or Instagram or Facebook super fan. But you can't put this fucking publication together.

I'm a lot like you. If you're reading this at the game before the first faceoff or during intermission or in line in the bathroom or whatever, I hope carrying a paper into the game is a habit. It wouldn't feel right to go inside without one. I'm the same way. I'd feel naked. I flip through the book every game I attend even though I've read every word on every page before it's printed. Jeffio got me hooked. Gallagher brought be into the inner circle. Now I'm master of ceremonies. We're kind of a weird Royal Order of Water Buffalo club. You see someone carrying the paper inside the building, maybe you nod or exchange a knowing glance. You at least know that person has a good sense of humor like you do.

Twenty years ago I was in college. I haven't known my wife 20 years yet. That's a lot of swear words and dirty jokes.

Tonight's issue is chock full of memories and old jokes and all sorts of stuff remembering 20 years of publications IN ADDITION to covering tonight's game. You can buy it HERE.

Thanks for reading. I need to go have a beer.