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Come Watch The Blues With Us Tonight

Attend our watch party at the Hot Shots on Manchester in West County. You could win Blues tickets.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I'd like to thank all of our dedicated readers who came out and bought the paper last night on a chilly, windy evening. As Gallagher put it in the 20th anniversary issue, the paper is because of the readers. The sense of responsibility to keep the paper going and try our hardest to make a quality read is because of the readers.

And thanks to the Blues. Seeing the paper on the scoreboard and the message from the Blues was amazing. We create a sign in almost every issue hoping to get the paper on the scoreboard. And the Blues went ahead and did it for us. Outstanding. And finally, thanks to everyone on social media who tweeted us a message or retweeted or favorite or whatever. So awesome.

We've got one more thing on the schedule for this week: tonight's watch party at the Hot Shots on Manchester Road in West County. The Blues are in Carolina with a 6 p.m. start. We'll have our own area to get together and watch the game. And we're going to have a drawing for two suite tickets to an upcoming game.

Jeffio, the guy who started this ride 20 years ago with his Game Night Revue will be there. Gallagher who picked up the torch with Game Time in 2005 will be there. I'll be there along with many other contributors and members of our posse. It is going to be a memorable time. Until we start doing shots of Wild Turkey and then we will probably remember very little.

Come out and meet people you've only tweeted or messaged or read. And hopefully we'll watch another Blues win too.