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Sunday Afternoon Links: Oshie's Story

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes links taste even better later in the having brunch...or something?


  • The Blues broke out of their shit streak last night by dominating the Joe Thornton-less San Jose Sharks by a 7-2 score, led by T.J. Oshie's 2nd career hat trick. [Blues]
  • The Silicon Valley crowd were far less enthused that you and I. [Fear the Fin]
  • Oh hey, did you see Jaden Schwartz's ri-donk-ulous pass on Kevin Shattenkirk's goal last night? It was ri-donk-ulous. [Frozen Notes]


  • A lot of teams played yesterday, and a lot of them score a lot of goals. The Blues were the 3rd team of the day to score a SEVENTH goal! [ 1/3]
  • Seven games today, one of which (Bruins-Hurricanes) has already begun as of this writing. The Stars-Blackhawks game on NBC will be a lot of fun for neutrals, but the highlight of this Sunday night is definitely Predators-Ducks at 7 central - good thing Walking Dead doesn't come back until next month! [ 1/4]
  • The big story of last night was Penguins Capitals Rangers Flyers Stars Bruins Devils legend Jaromir Jagr becoming the oldest player in NHL history to record a hat trick at age 42. Fun fact: if you counted all of his time in the KHL & Czech Republic, Jagr would only be 29 goals away from Gretzky's record. [Puck Daddy]
  • RIP Cap Geek - the awesome website that was everyone's one-stop site for salary cap questions. CCR gets credit for alerting me of this, but bad news doesn't get sticktaps. Sorry. [Cap Geek]
  • Did the Flyers violate the CBA by flying into the Nashville on December 26th, during the league travel ban? This one does get CCR a sticktap. []
  • The First 6 NHL All-Stars have been announced: one of them is the Latvian guy that computers voted for, the other 5 are Fuckers from Up North. I've said it before & I'll say it again: democracy doesn't work! [Puck Drunk Love]


  • The stupid semifinals of the stupid World Juniors are today and they're stupid. At 3 central, stupid Sweden will play SUPER STUPID Russia, while at 7 the Red-And-White Menace will take on Slovakia. []
  • Blues prospect Robby Fabbri is out for the rest of the tournament, but he's been one hell of a cheerleader for Canada. []


  • This morning, ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed away at age 49 after battling cancer. [ESPN]
  • The best way to show people that their argument is stupid is, according to the internet, to turn it into a web comic. Here are the best examples from 2014 of shitty arguments being proven to be shitty. [i09]

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