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World Junior Championship Gold Medal Game Thread: Canada v. Russia

Blues prospect Ivan Barbeshev will be participating while fellow prospect Robby Fabbri watches from the pressbox.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Tonight's game will be on the NHL Network at 7:00 Central, so plan accordingly. The last time that these two teams met it was a crushing loss for Team Canada and a shiny medal for Vladimir Tarasenko. Tonight could end with a shiny medal for offensive prospect Ivan Barbashev, He and his fellow top-line guys Pavel Buchnevich and Vyacheslav Leshenko have six goals and 15 points combined so far in ths tournament.

Canada has some kid named Connor McDavid who might be a big deal before Edmonton sucks his will to play and/or live out through his heart next season.

Russia had to bump off the United States and Sweden to get to this game. Canada had Slovakia and Denmark. Russia's also bumped off Canada in the last four tournaments.

Everyone talks about team USA being Canada's rivals. At the WJC, it's Russia.

Come, chat up the game here - we still have a day before the Blues are back on the ice.