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Beyond Checkerdome #68: Three-Headed Monster

Latest Episode of Beyond Checkerdome is up and raring to go!

"More like Osh-Three , amirite? "
"More like Osh-Three , amirite? "
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there once again!

This week, we cover the previous week's worth of games, and then we expand to other hockey events in the world. We go from losses due to too many shots against, to wins with just too many shots (#ShotsForGoals). Players getting healthy again, and prospects getting hurt. The Blues are carrying three goalies for a while, and we had 3 prospects in the World Juniors Tournament. They are talked about, and also a local hockey player that is performing on the international stage. Also, we're expanding our social media presence, and looking at the schedule ahead. All that, and more!

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

What a way to kick off the new year, eh? The Blues are entering a part of the season that should be right in their wheelhouse. As we like to say .... It's a good time to be a Blues fan.

Also, it's always a good time to send us your feedback/comments/questions. You can always send us an email at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com. OR, you can also find us on Twitter @ByndCheckerdome and now Instagram @BeyondCheckerdome as well. However you do it, we welcome the ideas you guys send our way.

This morning's links post included some info about Jincy Dunne. Please take a look at those, and help support our local players!


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