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Sharks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Keep 'Em Toothless

The Blues embarrassed the Sharks 7-2 on San Jose home ice the last time they met.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

On January 3rd, the Blues ran roughshod over a Joe Thornton-less San Jose Sharks by the score of 7-2. It took some effort and some increased focus, but they made the perennial Pacific Division threat look like a mite team. San Jose's play that night was more than likely an aberration, but it was still a fun game to watch. It gave fans hope that with Jaden Schwartz's return and the lines being back to normal, well, maybe the Blues would be back to normal too.

Tuesday's 6-0 stomping of the Arizona Coyotes had fans wondering if the team was better than normal.

One player shouldn't make that big of a difference, but often does. Take it from Logan Couture:

"If you can't win missing one player, then you're not going to go very far," Logan Couture said. "Injuries happen, that's part of the game. You've still got enough players on your team, in your organization, to compete at an NHL level. We didn't compete at an NHL level tonight. I don't even think we were close."

Will Thornton be back? Not sure. Will the Sharks play like an NHL team tonight? Oh, absolutely. I'd be shocked if it was another blowout. What are the folks from Fear The Fin expecting? Why don't you just go there and find out. Swing back by for some Sweden memories with Rick, and your preview around two of the clock.