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POLL: Why Have The Blues Been So Dominant Lately?

With 20 goals scored in three games, fans are wondering how Ken Hitchcoock's defense first system is being so offensive.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Man, the Blues sure have been offensive lately, haven't they? Twenty goals in three games for a team that has a reputation for being workmanlike. Gotta eke out all those one goal wins, right, Hitch? Gotta hit hard, play it safe.

Safe is death. Being smart? Goals. Goals everywhere.

But why? What has caused this sudden shift from the team that had a meh at best December and who lost ground in the division race. Granted, this three game winning streak has mostly only succeeded in putting space between them and the Evander Kane-less Jets, but it's still nice. It's still fun as hell. With the upcoming home games against Carolina and Edmonton, there's a chance for it to continue. Heck, on this homestand before the All Star Game, the only team that could throw a wrench into things are the Red Wings.

There are surely lots of reasons for how well the team is playing. I want to know yours. So, what is it?