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Blues At Wild Morning Open Thread: Jake Allen Gets His Turn In Net

The goalie carousel continues; hopefully the Blues will continue to reap the rewards.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the last time Jake Allen saw the ice in Minnesota, it didn't end the way that he and the Blues had hoped it would. Being the hot hand is fun; being the hot hand being pulled out of the fire is not.

But this is a new season. Allen seemed to have found his footing toward the end of the preseason, playing well against the Chicago Blackhawks in the preseason finale. Brian Elliott played a strong game Thursday evening, but Ken Hitchcock has said that he will be alternating his goaltenders when he sees fit, and he wants to get a look at Allen against the Wild(s) tonight, so Elliott is backing up the 1B.

The Wild opened their season against the Colorado Avalanche with a thrilling, come from behind road win capped off with four third period goals. I'm glad that they got their fun out of the system. Tonight probably won't be as easy.

This is your morning open thread. Check back a little later on for your first Road Music of the year from CCR, and then come on back for a road GDT. While you're waiting, head over to Hockey Wilderness and say hi, and maybe discuss a common dislike of the Blackhawks.