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KMOX and St. Louis Blues bringing more hockey to the local airwaves

After 41 years of being the flagship station for the St. Louis Blues, KMOX is bringing more hockey to St. Louis with a new broadcast agreement.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Normally radio broadcast agreements for the local teams are not that big of a deal, especially in St. Louis.  Of course the Blues' games are going to be broadcasted on KMOX.  KMOX is so powerful that I can actually listen to Blues games in my car all the way out in Annapolis (of course there is a lot of static and I have to turn up the volume really high but I can still listen!).  However, this agreement is more than just broadcasting games.  This is from the article posted on KMOX's website:

Kerber and Chase will also be featured on new programming along with John Kelly, Darren Pang and Blues hall of famer Bernie Federko, among other Blues personalities. New shows will offer in-depth coverage of a variety of hockey-related topics including coaching strategy and a recap of weekly hockey news. Additional details about new programming will be announced at a later date.

So not only are they broadcasting the games, but it appears that they will also be producing hockey specific shows for on-air.  This is a big deal.  A radio station that is synonymous with St. Louis Cardinals baseball will start treating Blues hockey as more than just an obligation.  They are actually going to carve out space in their schedule for stand alone hockey related programming.

I can't help but think this is a direct result of Stillman's ownership of the team.  A local owner committed to keeping the team in St. Louis goes a long way towards building the media partnerships that are necessary for supporting the existing fan base and growing the sport overall.

What types of hockey related programming would you want to hear on KMOX during the season?