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Tuesday Links - S.O.B.

A fitting song for the Robby Fabbri news and other links and stuff.

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Welp. Not gonna be seeing THIS guy for a little while.
Welp. Not gonna be seeing THIS guy for a little while.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully you enjoyed your Columbus Day.

The best celebration would've been to go to a store advertising a "Columbus Day Sale", taking what you wanted, claiming it for your home land and walking out without paying for it.


  • Brian restarted the Prospect Sunday machine the other day, coinciding with the kickoff of the AHL season this past weekend. [SLGTSLGT]
  • Unfortunately, one of those prospects will be missing some time with a concussion problem . . . yes, forward Robby Fabbri is that guy. [SLGT FanShots]
  • To add insult to injury, Hitch let it slip that Fabbri played three shifts AFTER the hit that concussed him. Ummm, how do you know this, sir? [SLGT FanShots]
  • Let's keep piling on . . . defenseman Carl Gunnarsson has been pretty bad to start the season. Not good for a guy Hitch called a "set-in-stone top four guy" right before the season started. [Frozen Notes]


  • Wanna know more about the Flames? Head on over to Matchsticks and Gasoline for the view from the other side of tonight's matchup. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]


  • Five games last night. They all had final scores. [ 10/12/2015]
  • Nine games tonight. They presumably all will have final scores. There's one in southern Alberta you might be paying attention to more than the others. [ 10/13/2015]
  • Steve Dangle's tongue-in-cheek reviews of each NHL team week-by-week are gonna be a doozy if they let him keep doing them. Here's his first. [Sportsnet]
  • Greg Wyshynski wonders aloud whether we can trust Kings general manager Dean Lombardi after his public declaration of disappointment with Mike Richards. And, well, the answer is "no". I mean, was he this disappointed in Slava Voynov? We can assume, but he didn't SAY as much publicly, now, did he? [Puck Daddy]
  • This Jack Eichel kid the Sabres had to "settle" for . . . ummmm, he's pretty good and stuff. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Meanwhile, for the Oilers, the focus of their current reboot is apparently on "scoring goals". Yeah, scoring goals is usually a good thing. [TSN]
  • I know a really large number of Ducks fans who would side with the animal activists who protested outside Honda Center last night calling for the suspension of defenseman Clayton Stoner . . . and it has nothing to do with his hunting prowess. "Sucks like a Hoover" comes to mind. [USA Today]
  • Welcome to Brooklyn, Islanders! Your fans are now crazy. [SB Nation]
  • Current Wild(s) assistant and former Blues defenseman (for like three seconds) Darryl Sydor pleaded guilty Monday to charges related to his DWI in August. He'll pay a fine, spend time in jail and be put on probation, among other things. [Sporting News]
  • In news I'm sure excites my wife a great deal . . . freshly-retired forward Daniel Briere will work part-time for the Flyers' front office. []


  • The NFL are assholes about something. Shocking! [Awful Announcing]
  • When in reality, the NFL should be doing something about controlling MRSA. This isn't the first instance, and boy, this is a lawsuit (or, more likely, a massive settlement, which may be just as bad) waiting to happen if this guy can never play again. [NPR / The Two-Way]
  • Seven facts about the United States' shortest-tenured president and the first president to die in office, William Henry Harrison. [Mental Floss]
  • Some pretty fucking rad Star Wars sand sculptures. Thanks, Japan! [Nerdist]
  • The Governor of Texas done fucked up. [Deadspin]
  • When you're enough of a penis to make me side with Mets fans, you're a royal dickhead. Anyway, Mets fans went all apeshit on Chase Utley last night. [SB Nation / Lookit]
  • "Uh, dear, can you check what's wrong with the dryer?" "Oh, it's just a massive snake, honey." [Y! / AP]


Sonovabitch . . . this is a fitting song for the Fabbri news. (S/T to @boneyardbro):

Not a bad song, either.

Like your new links guy, Hoosier Blue? I do. He'll have links tomorrow and for the foreseeable Blues off-day future . . . after he shanks the dude who blindsided him the other night.