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Wednesday Links - Bittersweet

Big Blues rookie scored like it's his job, Shatty down, something bad happened to the cardinals and other stuff.

Looks like he is playing an age group too low.
Looks like he is playing an age group too low.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

If you're an overly sensitive Cardinals fan. I apologize in advance.

Blues News:

  • The Blues started a little flat and our D looked suspect at times, but the Blues pulled out a win against the Calgary Johnny-Hockeys thanks to 2 big goals by some kid named Colton Parayko. Hull and Oates has your recap. [STLGT]
  • That Parakyo kid is pretty good at hockey, eh? He grew up hating the Calgary Flames. Calgary, meet Parayko. [Calgary Herald]
  • It wasn't all vodka and cherries last night, however.  Kevin Shattenkirk went down with a 'lower body injury' possibly from a blocked shot and did not return.  No word yet on his condition. [STLGT] [NBC Sports]

Hockey News:

  • 8 other games last night. T.J. Oshie and his new team got murderized by the Sharks, The Edmonton McDavids lost AGAIN, Nashville beat the Devils and more... []
  • The tank-treasure McDavid DID finally score his first NHL goal. So only 894 to go before he passes Wayne Gretzky, and only a million or so until people feel like he has actually met expectations. [Yahoo Sports]
  • The stars from last night's action.  (One of them is a rookie not named Connor McDavid) [Puck Daddy]
  • More Tim Peel hate...I don't know looks to me like there was a bit of interference. Why don't we take a poll? [Puck Daddy]
  • Alex Ovechkin missed a game last night for 'personal reasons.'  This is a guy who has only missed a few more than 10 games in the last 10 years.  Hopefully everything is ok. The Caps sure as hell didn't do very well without him. [Yahoo Sports]
  • If you're bored and want to know all that there is to know about the history of the waiver draft...check out this insightful and somewhat entertaining foray into the bowels of hockey history. [Grantland]

Other Crap

  • So the Caps have an event where they put cameras on a few stars and their significant others and have them ride the superman ride at Six Flags America.  Brooks Laich and his celebrity-dancer fiance, Alexander Ovechkin and his teenage dream-looking fiance and T.J Oshie and his lovely wife. Everyone seemed to have a great time, except Oshie, who looks like he is about to need a fresh pair of drawers. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Much to the melancholy of spoiled Cardinals fans, they showed that if you play ho-hum baseball with a weakened line-up, even you can lose to the Cubs.  I live in Cubs country, and now I have to listen to all these obnoxious ass-hats go on and on about how this is going to be their year and whatnot...which isn't really fair since I don't even really like baseball.  So, thanks a lot Cardinals.  Your sport bores me but I can usually count on you to not make my St. Louis birthplace a liability in arguments at bars. You've let me down. Now sit there and think about what you've done. [KSDK]
  • Cracked exposes the corruption behind awards that you don't give a shit about anyway. (At least not anymore). [Cracked]
  • Today's beer of the day is Three Philosophers.  It has a little hoppy bitterness and a little fruity honor of the bittersweet night last night for the Blues. [Untappd]

For the Blues...Bittersweet.

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For the Cards...Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.

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