#ByTheBrouwerOfGreyskull - The Great SLGT Charity Bet Update #1

Well, here we are.

Fresh from a 4-2 win over LOL Edmonton.. I mean Edmonton, (I type that so much it's part of my autocorrect...) We will take our first look at the results so far

As you all should know, this year's bet is based on Troy Brouwer's points total. I am pledging $2 per point for the regluar season. And all monies raised will go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. A charity very close to Brouwer's heart.

So far, Brouwer has hit 2 goals and 3 assists in just 4 games, giving me a personal total of $10 so far!! He's been on fire recently and I hope he stays at this point-a-game pace.

There has been little uptake of the bet amongst the community this year however, and I would like to remind everyone that it doesn't matter what you donate. You can do $.50 per point, a $10 flat donation or whatever. Having actually secured Troy Brouwer's support for this one, it would be nice to be able to give a lot and show him what Blues fans are made of!

Thank you


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