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Game Time World Tour: Lil' Louie's Big Adventure

One bear will get to travel the globe - all he needs is your help!

The Blues have been to Europe - now Lil' Louie will get his chance too!
The Blues have been to Europe - now Lil' Louie will get his chance too!
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

More than any of the other Big Four, the NHL is a global league. Players, coaches, executives, etc. come from around the world. Fans from across North America, Europe, and Russia stay up through all hours of the night to keep up with their favorite teams.

The Detroit Red Wings. The Chicago Blackhawks. The Pittsburgh Penguins. The Toronto Maple Leafs. The Montreal Canadiens. The Washington Capitals. All have well known national and international fan bases. But the Blues don't get the same credit. The overriding thought is that the Blues circle of influence stretches from the Mississippi River to Jefferson County.

Let's fix that.

Inspired by a similar successful project by the San Diego Padres SBN site Gaslamp Ball and an even more similar though less successful effort by the Everton blog Royal Blue Mersey, we're proud to introduce the Game Time World Tour!

Earlier this week, I bought an adorable stuffed Louie from the Blues team store at DrinkScotch (ok, the kiosk outside the building, it wasn't a gameday), pictured below:

What we're trying to do is get Lil' Louie on a global trek to meet and get to know Blues fans and Game Timers around America and the world, then hopefully get him back home to Scottrade in time for game 1 of the playoffs, where his worldliness will hopefully help the Blues get their collective heads out of their asses.

What we need from you is to sign up! This project can't get off the ground if there's nowhere to send Lil' Louie. We'll send Lil' Louie to you, you spend a week or so with him - take him on adventures, to work, on vacation, to the bar you watch Blues games at, local landmarks, to the local NHL/AHL/junior/college hockey games you frequent, anything you like - and take lots of pictures along the way. Then ship Lil' Louie on to the next person on the list, write up a short email to me about your week, your routine as a Blues fan, how you became a Blues fan, or whatever you like, with all the pictures you took along the way. I'll post your story, and we'll all grow as a people, probably. Well, not Lil' Louie I guess, he's a bear.

If you're interested, please email me ASAP at "jasonmcadams1120 at gmail dot com." Please include your mailing info, your SBNation username and/or twitter handle, and since we do need you guys to pay for shipping, let me know if you're willing to ship internationally. In a week or so, I'll publish a list of people who have signed up along with the order and suggested dates for shipping.

The idea here is to get to know Blues fans outside of the St. Louis area, but that doesn't mean we don't want to hear from locals too. If we get a ton of St. Louis-area entries we might only put a few on the list, but don't let that keep you from signing up.

If all goes according to plan, this series will last all season (in an ideal world, it'll last longer than Ken Hitchcock), but we can't wait to get it off the ground. I'm excited, Lil' Louie's excited, and hopefully you're excited too.