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Blues At Montreal Canadiens Game Day Thread

Tonight is a battle between the Habs and the Hab-Nots

waaaaaiiiittt .... isn't that Delay Of Game?????
waaaaaiiiittt .... isn't that Delay Of Game?????
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, here's a quickie run-down for tonight -

The Habs are tops of the league - The Blues are second.

The Habs are undefeated - but they haven't played us yet.

We're very similar - but the Blues just edge them out in the Shot Attempts Against #FancyStat

Carey Price is en fuego - and is starting again tonight.

Jake Allen in net tonight for the Blues.

This is the last game of the road trip, and then it's on to the comforts of home in St Louis. It's the Eastern Conference, so the points aren't quite as crucial. This will be the strongest test we've faced so far this season, so some of those bad habits of recent games (PK trouble, giving up first goals early) will hurt even more tonight.

Adapt to the new lineup that's been forced upon us because of injuries.

Improvise some goals against a stingy team.

Overcome the fatigue of the long road trip.

Do this, and the Blues will emerge victorious.

Let's Go Blues!