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Beyond Checkerdome #102: Strong Wins, Weekly Fan

The latest episode of the podcast is up and ready to sleep in it's own bed for a change

High Five! We got another one!!
High Five! We got another one!!
Derek Leung/Getty Images

Man oh man, what a road trip that was! This week we have a FULL slate of games to talk about, with plenty of goals and firsts and fun stuff to cover.... but also some bad habits and injuries as well. All in all, a lot of positives in the end. We cover a lot of history also, first with the number 2 but with the overall franchise too. That's because of our guest this week- Kat a/k/a @RunsOnDuncan. She was a Blues fan for this week (she picked a good one!) and she has a VERY interesting perspective to share. She had a good experience being one of us for a while, and she has a great story to tell for her time as a Blues fan. Easily, one of the best angles we've covered on the show.

Give it a listen, eh?

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For a download link, click HERE

As always, thanks for listening and your continued support. Big thanks for those of you supporting Family Rescue with Kat, and the other worthwhile hockey endeavors (like Grant's #ByTheBrouwerOfGreyskull drive, which got a big boost this week).  If you want to help out (and send her to another team's fold), drop some cash at Crowd Rise HERE, or wait until Nov 1 and we can bring her back to the Blues and the Heartland Of Hockey.

Of course, as usual we still want to hear from you as well. Drop us a line at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com, or drop us a tweet @ByndCheckerdome. Our beverage selections can be seen at our instagram @BeyondCheckerdome, and you can also find us on iTunes. Please, leave us a review and/or a rating there.


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