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Monday Links: Case of The Mondays

Monday's are hard on us all.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


  • Tommorrow's Blues Prospect Sunday articles went up yesterday. Read and Comment he knows all the things about the Baby Blues. [STLGT]
  • TB gave young Colton Parayako a bronze star for his performances this week in Sunday's Tending Up. [STLGT]
  • Vladimir and Yana Tarasenko really love halloween. [Instagram]
  • No news is good news on the injury front I am assuming. Heal fast young forwards, tis my Halloween wish. [YouTube]


  • A trio of games were played last night, here are their scores. [NHL Scores]
  • Another trio will take the Ice tonight. [NHL Schedule]
  • Erik Karlsson wins Halloween, an A+ to Wysh for the exceptional Disney Puns. [PuckDaddy]
  • Last night Geometry stole a goal from Connor McDavid. Triangles are the devil. [PuckDaddy]


  • JMill and I are super excited about the new On Demand streaming service for Stage shows! [Playbill]
  • Soon I will be editing off of my own DNA instead of hard drives. [Extremetech]
  • The 5th Female to ever write for Doctor Who had her episode premiere last night. [Nerdist]


If you haven't heard, Amazon Studios is doing amazing things. Recently they previewed the first two episodes of The Man in the High Castle. HIGHLY recommend. 

I am interested in Hildy's opinion of this show.

Kate and Tyler are back as I get back to making movies!