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Wednesday Links: Good Vibrations

Blues win, Habs lose, injuries heal, Tank hates nicknames, debate drinking and MORE.

Fabbri, feeling the vibrations.
Fabbri, feeling the vibrations.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

My hiatus from links writing is over...and the Blues hiatus from winning is also over.



On with the show:

Blues News:

  • Jake Allen played his best game of the season, Robby Fabbri came back like a man possessed and Gomez laid down the old school jams...and the Blues won.  Justin42 has your provocatively titled recap. [STLGT]
  • Our friends in Tampa had a different take (with a much more mundane title). Hint, the Blues win in their version too. [Raw Charge]
  • Vlad the Impaler, Tank, Frank, oh whatthefuckever... our super skilled franchise player doesn't like nicknames, because in Russia, nicknames are a dog thing.  And that isn't good.  Coming from a country where people affectionately call each other 'dog' I can't relate, but whatever.  The only approved 'nickname' Sir Vladamir Tarasenko has is 'Vova.'  Which, as my wife points out, sounds an awful lot like the exterior part of female genitals.  So, how about we call just call him Vladamir?  Buffa82 (probably his given name at birth) has an opinion. [STLGT]
  • In light of our growing list of injuries, the Blues have invited 2 relics from (wait for it) New Jersey to try out.  If they play like Scott Gomez has been playing, I will take it.  [STLGT]
  • The latest "Lighting the Lamp" on injuries and adversity...because that is this season's theme, apparently. [STLGT]
  • Jake Allen did Tampa dirty last night with a sweet shut out...but the guy at the other end - former Blue and Saint Louis native Ben Bishop - is also a good friend of Allen's.  Lou Korac discusses the relationship in a touching romance novel about 2 guys who were forced to 'quit each other.' [In The Slot]
  • The Hockey News covers Blues Prospect Jake Walman. [The Hockey News]

Hockey News:

  • 9 other games last night.  After losing a funky bunch of games, Columbus has won 2 in a row under their shiny recycled coach.  After barely giving up any goals, Carey Price gave up a funky bunch to Vancouver in Montreal's first loss. After getting a 3-0 lead on Dallas, the Ducks gave up a funky bunch of goals in a row to keep their crappy season as crappy as possible. And other fun stuff.  []
  • Puck Daddy gives Allen the number 2 star from last night's games. [Puck Daddy]
  • Random musings from around the league in the Puck Daddy Countdown. [Puck Daddy]
  • After all that damn Blues News, your probably done reading about hockey by now...

Other Crap:

  • "Your Money, Your Vote" is the title of the GOP debate tonight.  If you don't have any Walking Dead episodes to catch up on and you want to watch 10 people split a grand total of 120 minutes (which includes the commercials and opening remarks) by turning every question into the same talking points you can find on their campaign sites...feel free to torture yourself. But if you must, you should watch it with Debate Drinking up on your PC.  Because politics, like sports, are more fun with booze. [Debate Drinking]
  • Do you ever think your life sucks?  Do you have any one of these diseases (or cancer...because that sucks too)?  If you answered 'no' then your life doesn't suck as much as it could. [Cracked]
  • Beer of the day: If you're going to play debate drinking tonight, I recommend Rampant by New Belgium.  This Imperial IPA is remarkably well balanced and the 8.5% ABV will ensure that you don't remember wasting your Wednesday night listening to awkward mini campaign commercials. [Untappd]

Song of the day:

We won, Shatty is coming back, Fabbri did come back and I incorporated the phrase "funky bunch" into this article 3 the vibration.

(The Damn video embed doesn't want to get your good vibrations 90s flashback here.)