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Blues Sign Scott Gomez To One-Year Contract

The Blues have signed the useful veteran to a one year deal.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Hitchcock has another vet in his stable to keep Scottie Upshall company. Scott Gomez, former teammate and friend of Martin Brodeur, was signed today to a one year deal.

Gomez's deal is significantly less than he is used to being paid. Gomez's seven year deal with the Habs, which wound up being bought out prior to the 2013-2014 season, had an average cap hit of  $7,357,142. His last couple deals were beneath the million dollar mark, but his salary last year of $900,000 was still comfortably above this year's. Don't cry for him, though - there are bonuses to be had.

Well, maybe feel bad for him about that last part. As a whole, though the bonuses are a nice incentive to stay in the line-up.

Gomez (along with Upshall) add two guys to the bottom six who are still capable of scoring, and he could be a fill-in on the second power-play unit. With Patrik Berglund being placed on the long-term injured reserve today, and Magnus Paajarvi and Ty Rattie being sent to Chicago, the Blues needed a couple of stopgaps, and both Upshall and Gomez bring something Steve Ott cannot do, and Ryan Reaves is not paid to do: they can still score. Gomez comes cheaper than either one of them as well.

Scott Gomez said he wasn't done. So far, he's proved to be a man of his word.