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Oilers At Blues Morning Open Thread: Connor McDavid, Robby Fabbri Debut

Three rookies from the two teams will be on tonight's opening rosters.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Finally. After an off season of slight shakeups, rookie upstarts, and elderly men being signed, it's time for opening night. The Blues have had a lot to stew on, a lot to think about, a lot to do. What will they accomplish? Will Robby Fabbri hang around longer than nine games? How big of an impact will Colton Parayko make? Who will start opening night?

That latter answer was given to Jeremy Rutherford:

"Elliott is going to play tomorrow, Jake is going to play in Minnesota," Hitchcock said. "They both had tremendous camps. I've said this to you guys before, we're going to make our mind up based on performance by the end of October. That gives us a lot of games, a lot of quality opponents. And if somebody emerges from this by the end of October, we're going to jump on it and anoint that guy and he's going to get more starts. But if they continue to do what they're doing right now, there's nothing to choose between. Now the next competition is obviously regular season. That's got to take place now, but geez, they both have played great."

TL:DR: there's going to be a competition again. There's always a competition. But at the start of a new season, it's about focusing on possibilities. For the Edmonton Oilers, that future is centered entirely around Connor McDavid, who is possibly the best first overall draft pick since Sidney Crosby. For the Blues, the hope lies in a re-tinkered lineup, a few rookies, and a hope that this year, finally, the buy in isn't refunded.

This is your morning open thread. Share the excitement of a new season, and check back for the first Lighting the Lamp of the season, your preview, and your GDT. While you're waiting, say hi to our friends at The Copper & Blue, who are looking forward to the promise of a new year as much as we are, only with probably a little less cynicism.

Because it just wouldn't be the Blues without a bit of reality.