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Havlat leaves Blues

Only a couple of days after scoring the winning goal in his Blues debut, Martin Havlat has left the Blues on unconditional waivers.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Havlat, who signed a one-year deal with the Blues just last week, apparently requested unconditional waivers for 'personal reasons.'

The Blues website says:

"Havlat has asked for privacy at this time and neither he or the Blues will have any further comment on the matter."

Some sources have speculated that his playing time in the loss last night to the Rangers might have been a factor, pointing out that he played about 14 minutes against New Jersey and only about half that much last night.

According to insiders, this sort of waivers is usually a mutual decision.  That being said, Coach Hitchcock was just raving about Havlat the other night so I can't imagine that the team decided that he wouldn't be a good fit after all.

Many questions to be answered:

What (if anything) does this mean for Rattie?  There was a lot of discussion when Havlat was signed that this was the Blues picking Havlat over Rattie, and a lot of speculation about what it meant for Rattie's future.

Do the Blues pursue another veteran?  The injured players aren't back. We still need the holes filled. Do we knock on Zubrus's door again, recall Rattie or look harder at a trade?

Does this mean something else is in the works? Was Havlat informed about a pending move that would put him in the press box?

Let's speculate in the comments, because there is no better way to fill a knowledge vacuum than with fantastic unfounded speculation.

I end it with Havlat's finest moment as a Blue.