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Blues Pre-Game: A Cup of Coffee with Buffa

Before the Blues and Jets clash tonight at Scottrade, digest this quick round of thoughts, questions, jokes, slams and bacon fat ponderings.

The name is Parayko....Colton Parayko!!!
The name is Parayko....Colton Parayko!!!
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Why am I here? I like coffee, talking and hockey. Before you ride downtown and buy the latest issue of St. Louis Game Time paper outside Scottrade, have a cup of coffee with me about these Blues.

  • Did Martin Havlat really just leave town without saying goodbye? Maybe he wanted to come back, score one game winning goal, wear the Note and ride off into the sunset. Maybe his family took a hit. Either way, it was good knowing you Martin(can I just say martini?) and now we have this ordinary dude named Jeremy Welsh playing the fourth line with Upshall and Brodziak.
  • When they stop playing hockey, Scottie and Kyle(George Carlin thinks your name is weak) should open a law firm. Bloody shirts, crooked ties and missing teeth. We will defend you in court or just punch everyone. Upshall and Brodziak!
  • Who is this Welsh guy? A 27 year old winger who scored 36 goals back in 2009 with...the Oakville Blades. In 25 career NHL games(last seen in 2014 with Vancouver) he has a goal and an assist with 10 penalty minutes. Instead of an injured Steve Ott or Ryan Reaves, we get Welsh. Don't expect much from this guy. We'd be lucky if he can make a kick save in front of Jake Allen.
  • What will Magnus Paajarvi do tonight? Whatever it is, stick or no stick, it will involve speed. As in being fast.
  • Is something up with Mr.Reaves, our last resemblance of a badge on the ice? As Tony Twist once said, every team needs a sheriff on the ice. Reaves is the closest thing we have. David Backes and Ott don't count because they don't really fight as much as growl as the other guy. Why isn't Reaves fighting? In 13 games, he has zero fights, zero points, and SIX penalty minutes. Does he need to be taken to Ross Rhea school? Does he need someone's respect? He needs to suit up this week and lay someone the fuck out. For 1.25 million dollars, that is his job. Yes, he can skate, pass, throw a shoulder and occasionally score a goal, but he is out there to enforce. Not that the NHL is favoring fights these days. I have an idea. For every call a ref misses, he must allow a fight to go longer than a bench clearing baseball brawl. Deal? I want more Reaves fighting. Sending digital copy of Goon to the Blues clubhouse.
  • How hard is it to stay off the Colton Parayko bandwagon? The kid plays the game right, is big bodied, fearless, and could wipe his ass and fling it at the net and watch it go in for a goal. He has five goals and six assists. A Blues defenseman has five goals on November 16th. The rest of the Blues D-unit have a goal apiece, if that. Colton is golden. Yeah I said it and it wasn't a typo.
  • Please come back Robert Bortuzzo. Carol Gunnarsson(not a typo) needs to be benched.
  • I am of the belief that Vladimir Tarasenko would score with me on center, but a good partner does make a bit of difference. Tonight, he will be joined by Mr. Backes and Alex Steen. An intriguing mix of size, grit and talent.
  • When will Brian Elliott start again? Apparently, two average to shitty games from Jake Allen didn't move him from the starter's slot, making this goaltending tango all the more fun to watch this month. It's not a controversy...yet.
That it. Did I miss anything? Send me topics, rumblings, hate mail and such to or find me on Twitter, @buffa82.  I like to talk hockey.

Seriously though, watch this scene and understand the need for a bruiser out there.