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Tuesday Links - Sufjan Stevens Is Great

Blues victories and banjos!

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"Playing with Tarasenko is FUN!"
"Playing with Tarasenko is FUN!"
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports


  • David Backes scored two, Vladimir Tarasenko did the thing he does and the Blues beat the Jets 3-2 in a game that was more dominantly in favor of the Blues than the final score indicated. HullAndOates has your recap. [SLGT]
  • Johnny has more links regarding the Lynx hockey clubs of Lindenwood-Belleville. [SLGT FanPosts]



  • There were six hockey-like contests last evening. They all ended, with final scores and shit. [ 11/16/2015]
  • There will be eight hockey-like contests this evening. You will surely be focusing on one such contest in the middle of Ohio. [ 11/17/2015]


  • Ryan Lambert takes a look at whether the Bruins' defense is good enough to contend and many other things in this week's What We Learned. [Puck Daddy]
  • Could anyone in the history of ever enjoy any hockey team as much as this wee tike enjoys the Senators? [Deadspin]
  • NHL commissioner Gary Bettman pulled in a $9.6MM salary in 2013-14. Only four individual players made more than that much that year. But sure, the NHL is broke heading into every CBA showdown. #FartNoise [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • The incredible story of Misha Song, Islanders prospect and the first Chinese-born player drafted by an NHL team. [USA Today]
  • Oilers "Chosen One", Connor McDavid, "chose" to completely dance around a question of whether the Flyers intentionally tried to injure him. [Sportsnet]
  • Shit's going down with the Penguins right now. Hey, maybe they should've never fired Dan Bylsma! [TSN]
  • Canucks goaltender and old "friend" Ryan Miller is having a rough go of things lately. I feel very little compulsion to feel bad for him, actually. [The Province]
  • A Junior A squad in Calgary fired their coach, and were sure to throw just about everyone in the organization under the bus while doing so. Yikes. [Buzzing the Net]


  • If this is true, I will live forever. #Coffee [NPR / The Salt]
  • MST3K is making a comeback, and a new host has been chosen . . . it's comedian and podcaster Jonah Ray. [Nerdist]
  • Even today, many British pubs have illustrated signs outside their front doors. Here's how that all came about. [Mental Floss]
  • Why did Peyton Manning look like shit Sunday? Well, he tried playing with a torn ligament in his foot. And he's 39. Yeah, uh, no, dude. [SB Nation]
  • Stade de France, which was hosting an international friendly soccer match between France and Germany at the time, was not evacuated during the Paris attacks Friday night. The decision to keep people inside may have saved many, many lives. [Deadspin]
  • Hah. Whoops. [Y! / Reuters]


I basically dared the publication's fearless leader, Brad, to put Sufjan Stevens on the bingo card. I'm quite a fan of Sufjan Stevens. But you're about to see why putting him on the bingo card would be a BAAAAAAAD idea, ESPECIALLY if you expect Carl Middleman to actually find one of his songs to play:

Anyway, Sufjan is an amazing musician. Just not "hockey game" amazing.

This time, we're not kidding . . . Hoosier Blue tomorrow.