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Blues At Blue Jackets Morning Open Thread: Can Blues Win Back To Back?

Last night's win over the Winnipeg Jets wasn't indicative of how tough the Blues played them.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Funny. When you put someone with Vladimir Tarasenko, they have a good game. David Backes had a VERY good game last night. Two goals (one of which was a PPG) and an assist gave Backes one of the best games that he's had this season against a Winnipeg team who was more interested in playing the fool for a majority of the game.

Now, two goals in under a minute, that's a problem. The Blues' defensive lapses are continuing in spurts, and that needs to be addressed. The tweaks to the offense seem to have worked; perhaps it's time to tweak the defense and #freebort?

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for CCR's Road Music, your gameday thread, and whatever other goodies pop up over the course of the day. While we're waiting for the puck to drop, head over and say hi to the nice folks at The Cannon.