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Shrugging in Columbus: Blues drop roadie to The Jackets

Despite a solid effort from their backup goalie Brian Elliott, the Note fell flat in Columbus Tuesday night.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Wakey wakey Blues fans. Get that coffee brewing and let's talk some early morning hockey.

Last night the Blues took a dump in Columbus, losing 3-1 in the most uneventful game I've seen in weeks. When a player going down via injury is the biggest story, you know it was a slow night at the office for the crooked teeth boys from the Lou.

According to Craig Merz's piece, Ken Hitchcock couldn't chalk it up to anything other than a lack of energy, saying if you don't have energy, you come in second place everywhere. Funny, as we wake up this morning, the Blues are in second place in the Western Conference. Way to go, Ken. Have a doughnut with sprinkles on GT.

Brian Elliott, making his first start in 13 days, stopped 35 of 37, keeping the Blues in the game until a late empty net tally sealed the deal. Ells' critics will point to the pair of Teflon goals he allowed, but his defenders will add that 35 saves when your team can't even muster more than 20 is quite noble. Elliott was Batman Tuesday night. Solid effort that he can't take full credit for because the team in front of him lost. We will see him after Turkey day probably.

I can hear it now from the Blues lounge. "Allen would have made those saves." The same kid who allowed two goals inside 90 seconds to the Jets, mind you....ah the hell with it I give up. Talking about Blues goaltenders is like describing the beer selection at a gas station off I-55. Tiring and ultimately, useless.

There were no fights(bullshit!) in the game, yet David Backes took a costly boarding penalty late in the third period. The Captain came off one of his best games of the year Monday night where he sunk two goals with baby jesus feather hands and assisted on another, but now all Blues fans will know is his late penalty in a 2-1 game. Shits!

Kevin Shattenkirk scored his first of the year on a good old slap shot from the top circle. It was quite nice.

The big news of the night was Jori Lehtera going down on a high stick or as they say in the NHL, an upper body injury. Above the neck is more like it. Lehtera left the game and went to the emergency room. Let's hope it was less Al Maclinnis eyeball tragedy and more nasty boxer eye slash. Still no word on his status for Thursday. Apparently it wasn't on a high stick from Saad but one earlier in the game. Two sticks to the face will do it.

The Blues take a loss and come back home with a record of 12-6-1. Not too shabby for missing three top forwards(Berglund is debatable I know) and possibly a fourth. The good news is Stastny has to be closer to returning. It's been nearly four weeks since his last game and he lost the boot on Friday(via Lou Korac). Some ice time is in his near future.

The Note return to action tomorrow night against Buffalo, a not so good team at Scottrade before the Red Wings come into town Saturday.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of STLGT tomorrow before the game. You might find me bitching and moaning about the lack of fights in the NHL.

Until next time,

Drink more coffee and take luck!