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Happy Thanksgiving From St. Louis Game Time

What're you thankful for this year?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving to St. Louis Game Time's loyal readers (and everyone else, I suppose). We're very thankful for all of you and your continuing support. Other things we're thankful for:

1. Vladimir Tarasenko

2. Only having two players on the LTIR at the moment. Get well soon, Berglund and Schwartz. Can't wait to see the line-up turmoil when you guys get well.

3. Continuing to win somehow when basically your whole team is broken.

4. Jake Allen playing so well despite having the burden of "number one best goaltender ever for right now" placed upon his shoulders.

5. Vladimir Tarasenko

6. Being able to watch things like this in person:

7. Colton Parayko's excellent rookie season.

8. Bobbleheads that are only a little terrifying.

9. Hammering #roarbacon into the ground

10. Vladimir Tarasenko