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Beyond Checkerdome #104: Better Than Expected

The latest episode of the podcast is up and ... doing pretty well, all things considered.

Ott did .... good? (Hell announces NHL Expansion team)
Ott did .... good? (Hell announces NHL Expansion team)
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

For a week that began with doom and gloom, it sure finished on the positive side! For a team plagued with injuries, the Blues came through with a 3-0 record this week. Better than expected! Our boy Ty Rattie got some increased playing time, and responded with points in back-to-back games. Better than expected! Steve Ott got an assist and - more improbably - a first star. Better than expected! Hell, We even send some compliments Ott's way, and so far the sky hasn't fallen. Better than expected! All that, plus the usual tomfoolery. Maybe this team is better than we thought - or we've been conditioned to lower our expectations. You know what they say - pessimists only have pleasant surprises.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

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