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Kings Vs. Blues Recap: Hail To The King(s) Baby.

Jake Allen....and....hello? Anyone else? No? Alright.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Tarasenko returned to the lineup tonight against the L.A. Kings. The Kings would be coming in after losing to Chicago last night. The Blues lines at the start of the evening would be as follows: Steen/Lehtera/Tarasenko, Upshall/Backes/Brouwer, the youth line of Fabbri/Jaskin/Rattie and the usual fourth line of Ott/Brozdiak/Reaves. Your D-parings would be the same as Kevin Shattenkirk still has not come back from injury. Rumblings now are that he might be back this weekend. It's really a wait and see at this point. The Blues would start Jake Allen for the fourth straight time, and the Kings would counter with Jhonas Enroth.

First Period:

Someone go ahead and tell the Blues the game started. I'll wait...Flat. Horrible. I just, I don't know what it was tonight, but the Blues (aside from Allen) looked like a steaming pile of donkey dung. But as mentioned, at least Jake would show up, and no better example than this robbery here:

The Kings would continue to put the pressure on the Blues.

The Blues power play is a train wreck right now. The power play went 0-4 again tonight. Though the Blues didn't help their cause any as they would take penalties to negate two of the 4. The Blues power play is 29th in the league. Something's got to give.

Kopitar's night would be shortened tonight as his head appeared to make contact with Ryan Reaves stick. At first I thought it was his elbow, but if you look close you can see it was more the stick than anything else:

Kopitar would finish the period, but would not come back.

Second Period:

Allen's back had to be in pain to this point from carrying the team. Tarasenko would have one of if not the best chance of the night here on a breakaway after a turnover:

It was a glimmer. But that glimmer turned into dread as the Kings would finally break the 0-0 tie in the form of a Jeff Carter goal:

Keep giving them power plays. Yeah, that'll work. NOT.

Third Period:

There's nothing to worry about. Jake Allen is standing on his head. The Blues have been a good third period team so far this year. There was a good chance that maybe the Blues would come back. So much for being optimistic, as the Blues power play STILL couldn't cash in. I was waiting for Tarasenko to take control on offense, but it never happened. Too much passing again. Not enough shooting. I'm not one of those guys that yell shoot every single time, but on occasion it is ok to do as such. Being down 1-0 and only having 16 shots on goal at one point, you should probably shoot more. My opinion.

Tanner Pearson really didn't want us Blues fans to be happy as he gets the second Kings goal of the night:

With the offense playing the way that they did tonight, that would really be all that the Kings would need. Hitch would pull Allen with about two and a half minutes left. No dice. Kings would score an empty net goal and that would be all she wrote. Final score 3-0. The Blues travel up to Chicago tomorrow to take on the Blackhawks. Another NBCSN game. Oh joy.

Three Stars:

3rd Star: Drew Doughty (1 assist.)

2nd Star: Jake Allen (31 saves. Only player on ice who seemingly gave a shit.)

1st Star: Jhonas Enroth (Shutout. Also not Jonathan Quick)