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Monday Links - Reading DMX

A very interesting mashup of an old Levar Burton show and a 90's-00's rapping mogul. And other links.

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#RCTID #FearTheBeard
#RCTID #FearTheBeard
Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So, Hoosier Blue had some things come up. He promised me a bottle of good Irish whiskey to cover his shift at the Links Factory.

I may have made up the part about the whiskey. Whatever.

Not that I could drink it right now anyway . . . in a related matter, wisdom teeth are useless and Norco is fun!


  • Prospect Sunday! Mr. Department has updates on the struggling Wolves and which prospects actually HAVE been doing well of late. [SLGTSLGT]
  • Speaking of prospects . . . it was recently determined that Providence College defenseman and 2014 Blues third round pick Jake Walman would be ineligible for Team USA at the IIHF World Juniors. He'll have to play for Team Canada, if anyone, at the tournament. He stands a decent chance of making that team, but this is a tough loss for Team USA, as he's been playing quite well and would've almost assuredly made the team. [TSN]
  • I linked to the Forbes NHL team valuation list recently. Hildy has her take on the list. [SLGT]
  • We're complaining about in-game entertainment again. I'll probably have something about this in an upcoming Game Time column, but it comes down to this: if the team were successful in the postseason, would we even give a shit? I posit . . . no. Well, at least not THIS much. [Frozen Notes]
  • Scottie Upshall scored a goal Saturday and is being praised by his teammates for . . . if I'm reading this correctly . . . being the underpaid version of Steve Ott. [In the Slot / Lou Korac]


  • There were 13 games Friday and 12 Saturday, so it stood to reason there'd be only one game yesterday. #FuckDetroit [ 11/29/2015]
  • And only four games tonight. From Conference III, only Colorado is scheduled. Colorado blows, so I don't care. [ 11/30/2015]


  • People went to a fight between the Colorado Eagles and Florida Everblades on Saturday, and an ECHL hockey game broke out. [Puck Daddy]
  • Canadiens (injured) forward Brendan Gallagher and former NHL enforcer Jim Kyte got into a Twitter fight Saturday night over respect and honor. Because sucker-punching Mario Lemieux in the face for any reason is full of honor, y'know. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • After a long review, the on-ice official forgets what the decided call was before turning the microphone on. This . . . isn't going to help your credibility, guys. [SB Nation]
  • A Thanksgiving roundup of six teams . . . three that could make a playoff push and three that may fall out. No, the Blues are not involved in either listing. [USA Today]
  • Reports have surfaced that the Kings have submitted a bid to host the 2017 NHL All-Star Game. Good for them. Nothing has ever gone right for that franchise in the history of ever. #Sarcasm [Sportsnet]
  • Young Maple Leafs goalie Garret Sparks will make his NHL debut in net tonight against the Oilers in Toronto. [TSN]
  • Former Blue Ladislav Nagy is unintentionally trying to kill people with his skates in the KHL. Fortunately, the victim in this incident--Vitaly Sitnikov--is gonna be fine. [Puck Daddy]


  • The 103rd Grey Cup was contested in Winnipeg last night . . . and won by the Edmonton Eskimos over the Ottawa RedBlacks by the score of 26-20. [TSN]
  • By signing interim head coach Bill Cubit to a two-year extension, the University of Illinois is signaling that they don't give a shit about its' football program. (This is an assessment that I, as a lifelong Illini fan, unfortunately concur with.) [The Champaign Room]
  • I mean, even the guy who had the final say to sign the coach to that two-year contract is all like "whatever" about that coach. Illinois athletics is a fucking disaster. [Deadspin]
  • In GOOD news about teams I root for . . . Portland Timbers FC are going to the MLS Cup Final! [Stumptown Footy] . . . They will travel to Columbus, Ohio to face Crew SC in the title match next Sunday. [MLS]
  • A Game of Thrones character now holds the world record for keg-throwing. Holy shit, man. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • A California tribe, bucking the expanded casino trend of many of its' contemporaries, is using olive oil to help provide for its' people. [NPR / The Salt]
  • You can take forever to count the mistakes with the Star Wars prequels, but here are 10 you may have missed. [Nerdist]
  • This sprinkler system analyzes the weather forecast to try to cut down on water usage. Science! [Mental Floss]
  • HINT: Do not try to rob a house by entering through the chimney. [Y! / Reuters]


From the Twitters . . . a very odd mash-up of Reading Rainbow and some random DMX lyrics. (S/T to @boneyardbro):

Well then.

Since I was called in today, I'll be pulling a double at the Links Factory as I was already slated for tomorrow.

Episode 108 of Beyond Checkerdome should be available soon.