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Ryan Reaves Receives League Maximum Fine For Hit On Anze Kopitar

No penalty was called on the play last night.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

During the first period of last night's 3-0 loss, Ryan Reaves hit Kings forward Anze Kopitar high with his stick, well away from the play.

No penalty was called on the hit, I assume because the officials did not see it. When you view it, it's obviously a high hit, either with the butt-end of the stick or with Reaves' elbow. Clearing the area in front of the net is important, but that isn't the way that you do it. Kopitar left the game and followed the NHL's concussion protocols.

Reaves today was fined the maximum allowed amount under the CBA for the hit, $3,024.19 for "roughing." He's lucky he isn't suspended a game or two for the hit. This isn't the kind of reckless that Ken HItchcock intended. It was a stupid decision by Reaves that could've cost the Blues a penalty kill, but more importantly could've seriously injured Kopitar.