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What Is #RoarBacon?

What is this trending St. Louis topic?

Feel the grease.
Feel the grease.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you may have seen #roarbacon pop up on your time line last night. You could be forgiven for being confused, because while bacon is amazing, it does not roar. Pigs don't roar, so why was everyone in St. Louis tweeting about it?

Trends RoarBAcon

Meat is something St. Louisans have an affinity for - after all, we're in the Midwest, which is home to the best meat in the country. This had nothing to do with meat, though, and everything to do with hockey. Hockey seems to have a way of circling back around to food, evidenced by such trends as "waffles," Hotdog-gate, and "is a hotdog a sandwich?" This time, though, it had nothing to do with food and everything to do with autocorrect and Instagram.


Let's admit it. Last night's game was weird, but in a really, really awesome way. Many fans were slap happy that a team that has been so decimated by injury - and added two more last night - pulled off a comeback like this.

So just give the Blues and their fans their rallying cry. Embrace it. Roll with it.

Brace yourselves, Nashville. The bacon is rolling in Saturday.