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Blues: Going from Zero to Hero in Chicago

The unthinkable happened Wednesday night in Chicago. Only Louie thought the Blues would come back...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

From "Brian Elliott sucks and losers remorse" to "Roar Bacon" in two hours.

Ah, the emotional roller coaster of sports strikes again! Last night, the St. Louis seemingly were all set to shit the bed for the second night in a row. Down 5-2 at the end of the first period. They were going to lose to the two teams  that have caused them the most heartache the past five seasons. The Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Blackhawks. FUBAR incorporated! No, I don't count the Minnesota Wild in last year's playoffs. The 2014-15 Blues would have lost to Willy Wonka and his hypnotic chocolate bars last spring in the playoffs. After streaking to an 8-2-1 start, the Blues were going to lose two in a row. And then the unthinkable happened.

Steve Ott got hurt!

No, that's not it. Gingerbread cookie didn't effect the game before that so that isn't it. He already had his first star of the game moment last week.

The out of this world development was the Blues scoring four unanswered goals and winning the game in overtime. Alex Steen scored twice, David Backes scored and Vladimir "Vova only please" Tarasenko netted the game winner in the thrilling as usual 3 on 3 overtime. The most optimistic fan choking down their chicken wings in the parking lot of Hampton Village couldn't predict this.

Everything was going wrong for the Blues in their worst visitor stop on the schedule. Patrick Kane scored a goal on the same day his lawyers called it a win that rape charges were dropped. Brent Seabrook, the villain from the 2013-14 playoffs, scored a shitty goal. Andrew Shaw, the pesky pimple faced school bully, scored on a penalty shot because he tripped over Brian Elliott after getting stoned on a breakaway. If Shaw scoring doesn't fuel a Schwarzenegger from Commando like response, I am not sure what will.

So, on the road. Against the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks. Down three goals. The United Center unleashing that ridiculous goal horn on the Blues. Your starting goaltender Elliott allowing four goals on 14 shots before leaving with a head injury. All of these things staring down the Blues last night, they came back.

Tarasenko scored the game winning goal. That's as surprising as my coffee currently going down my throat being hotter than warm. As surprising as the forecast for every evening involving darkness. What happened before that was nuts.

Alex Steen scoring his 7th goal(briefly giving him the lead over Vladi) to make it 5-3 right after the three minute mark of the second period. Fan mindset: Okay, good guys. Way to show a pulse but I won't expect much more. especially when the Hawks score #6 here.

Jay Bouwmeester scoring a power play goal. Yes, the dreaded power play scored for like the third time in six games. Fan mindset: Okay, this is weird. The power play stinks and it's the lowest scoring defenseman of all time putting it in. Maybe I should stop flipping channels.

David Backes, the captain who one tweeter didn't like because he continuously fell down, ties the game with 34 seconds left. His third goal this week after a cold start. Fan mindset: Mind blown. I can't believe the Blues came all the way back and tied it. Bartender, you can pour some coke into my Jack Daniels now.

Then, Tarasenko happened. Fan mindset: Picture three Minions, the Dude, and Indiana Jones chest bumping each other outside the office Anchorman style and you have the right idea.

See all the highlights for yourself while I reload on coffee-

When people ask me what is the greatest thing about being a sports fan, I tell them seeing something improbable happen on an otherwise ordinary night. When they ask me what is the worst, it is waiting for a team to do something amazing and instead getting the opposite.

Injuries or not, the Blues are expected to win. They have a strong young group of talented players, two above average goaltenders, a head coach with a shiny resume and tons of regular season success that makes fans cry and bleed every winter that this may be the season everything changes. Last night, the Blues gave the fans a taste of something great. The best comeback in 30 years. It didn't happen against the Maple Leafs or the Jets. It happened against the Blackhawks in Chicago. Roar bacon, Applewood Smoked Hickory style!

About that nickname. Apparently the Blues social media page is actually cool! Instead of being a stiff board like the St. Louis Cardinals operator, this person didn't freak out when they typed "roar back" and saw "roar bacon" come out via the classic auto correct. They rolled with it. It started to trend and became a national rally cry for the Blues. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the man or woman was thinking about a late night IHOP run. Either way, it worked and turned the Blues from a national stinkbomb(back to back games on NBC against two titans, nice try NHL) into a cool story.

The Blues are 9-3-1 heading in Nashville Saturday night. #RoarBacon will be rolling along with them. It's a thing, so get used to it.

Oh, by the way, Jake Allen stopped 27 of 28 shots in relief of Elliott. Goalie controversy or is this the slow passing of the torch? Neither. As my good friend Art Lippo pointed out, it's early November after all. Just enjoy some good hockey. Don't make it weird.

Wednesday's game was one for the ages. Where were you when the Blues scored the game winning goal?