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#Fancystats Friday: Drivers, Supporters, Hopeless, Passengers

Let's take a look at who is driving possession so far this season and who is along for the ride.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty simple actually.  Everyone's favorite chart type, a scatterplot, with 4 quadrants.  Along the bottom we have the player's corsi for % (the percentage of unblocked shot attempts for the team when player is on the ice) and along the side axis I have calculated the percentage of unblocked shot attempts that the player has contributed while on the ice.  Using this, we can see which player has better possession and which player is generating the unblocked shot attempts that we use to measure possession.

Based on all of this I created 4 quadrants

Drivers:  Player has above league average contribution % and above 50% corsi for.  They are driving possession for the team.

Supporters:  Player has below league average contribution % but above 50% corsi for.  They are not driving possession but they are doing the right things to help support those who are.

Hopeless:  Players that have above league average contribution % but for all their efforts, their corsi for is below 50%.

Passengers:  Players that have below league average contribution % and their corsi for is below 50%.  These guys are along for the ride.

Possession is good, but what about the results of possession?  That is why I included the players' goals for relative.  This stat is simply the player's goals for% when they are on the ice minus their goals for % when they are off the ice.  If the number is negative it means the team has more goals against while he is on the ice compared to when he is off the ice.