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Friday Links: The Return of @shattdeuces and Havlat Lattes

Roar Bacon is an official thing, Shatty is back and Havlat is signed. Some reading material before the first beer drink.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings folks, as I down my second cup of coffee, I unleash the Friday "pre happy hour" links. Enjoy this shit!


  • Robb tells you which Blues are contributing this season and who came to the hangout and didn't bring beer. The Fancy stat shit corner. (No Bacon). [STLGT]
  • Relive the greatness of Wednesday's comeback here.(Shameless self promotion moment)-[STLGT]
  • Someone lost and found named Shattenkirk returns tomorrow night [STLGT]
  • Martin Havlat is officially a Blue, signing a 1 year deal today.[]
  • Catch up on the Blues opponent Saturday, Nashville this season. [OTF]
  • Patrick Kane may be free of rape charges, but the Blackhawks aren't happy with him. [SCH]
  • World Cup passes go on sale November 12th. Details. []
  • No Shit Update. Alexander Ovechkin and Braden Holtby are still awesome.[NHL]
  • In addition to shitting the bed with a 5-2, Chicago needs a new logo.[Puck Daddy]
  • Will Dustin "Overrated and Stinky" Byfuglien play for yet another team before season's end? [Puck Daddy]
  • A new James Bond flick opened today. How would you rank the villains? Here's a list. [Esquire]
  • When Jennifer Lawrence sucks face with Natalie Dormer on red carpet, you watch. [Vulture]
  • This is what muscled unemployment looks like. [SB Nation]

Since Kevin Shattenkirk is back, I went with a classic tune to liven the mood.

Remember when Ryan Reaves kicked Rich Clune's ass. I do:

That's all. Happy weekend beer drinking. Here's what I'm having. Stings the nostrils!!!!