St. Louis Blues Full Team Scouting Report: Player by Player

David Backes: Big player who plays "a mans game" will score 20-30 goals a year and can play on power play. Constantly is lined up against opponents top line and succeeds more often than not. Not afraid of contact. Occasionally makes knucklehead plays, but not his norm. Above average skill, defense awareness, and physicality.

Jaden Schwartz: Extremely quick, can stop on a dime, and very skilled. Smallish type player who is not afraid of contact, just not very big. Possesses a very nice accurate shot. Can hound the puck with best of them when motivated. Very smart, however can fall into habit of too much perimeter play, should improve with maturity. Very impactful when he brings it all together.

Vladimir Tarasenko: Shot is one the best if you factor in velocity, accuracy, and ability to find a way to get on net. Has ability to make goalies and defenders look silly. Solid, stout body with speed. Still learning to make safe play in neutral and defensive zone. Can take over a game in offensive zone or go spells invisible, but can change a game with one play.

Alex Pietrangelo: Smart. "Sick mits" in tight spaces. Nice size frame. Excellent passer in offensive zone and on breakout. Good skating ability. Has ability to control game. Can be thrown off with barrage of forwards hits in defensive zone. Shot accuracy a work in progress. One of the handful of top d-men in league, maybe just a click behind.

Colton Parayko: Huge body, with great speed and tough to knock off the puck once going. Blistering slap shot, accurate wrister that he gets through. Surprisingly nice hands. All the tools are there. Still young and mistake prone, that should improve with experience. Could stand to be a little more assertive. Already a factor, with a chance to be a real game changer.

Jay Bouwmeester: Tall lanky d-man that covers a lot of ground with size and skating ability (both forward and back). Offensive skills are ok, but now wowing. Not too much off a mean streak, or overpowering. Solid citizen who a coach can trust on the ice.

Kevin Shattenkirk: Savvy and smart with good offensive instincts and abilities. Defensively responsible although sometimes has trouble with bigger forwards. Not your prototypical big d-man, but has some strength and can get chippy. Can run a power play and kill penalties. He is elite in terms ppg of d-men.

Steve Ott: Likes to get opponents off there game physically and verbally. Type of player you hate to play against, but love if on your team. His game translates better from blueline out. His shifts can get bogged down in the d-zone. Not super skilled, but can surprise. Good 4th line type with ability to fill-in higher up.

Alexander Steen: Not big but solid, and tough to knock off puck. Astute in the art of the reverse hit. Nice hands. Defensively responsible. Can let his slap-shot rip. Knows how to play the game, but can hold onto puck too long, or make an ill-advised pass occasionally. The kind of player you want on the ice with a minute left in the game if you're down, tied, or up by one goal.

Jori Lehtera: Eyes in the back of his head type pivotman. Ok shot to keep goalies honest. Skates good enough to get the job done. Does not cheat in d-zone situations. Not overly physical, but above avg. size. Can lose some battles along the boards and neutral zone. Nice player to pair with scoring wingers.

Paul Stastny: Not big, but not small. Knows where to be on the ice. Nice handles to keep d-man honest. Can shoot ok, but more of a pass first center-man. Seems to be involved in a lot of tic tac toe type of goals. Not one skill seems to blow you away, but solid in all. Needs to play with scoring type wingers to keep his points up. Smart player a coach can trust on the ice.

Robby Fabbri: Skillsy type player, who can shoot, deke, and skate. Needs to be tenacious because of lack of size. Sometimes can look like the smallest and youngest player on the ice ... which he usually is. Needs to be defensively responsible at pro level and provide supplementary scoring at this very early stage of career. Improvements should come with experience.

Dmitrij Jaskin: Big frame still learning how to use it. Nice hands in tight around opponents goal. Skating is somewhat lacking. Can look and play slow. Typical high scoring junior player learning that he needs to use his size more, and not just rely on finesse. Needs to excel at bottom six forward and then could make his way to top six type of player.

Troy Brouwer: Big forward who knows how to play. Nice scoring touch, with the ability to find the open man. Can play a gritty type of game and scoring power forward. Sometimes can turnover puck in the wrong spot. Nice complimentary scorer with size and grit.

Kyle Brodziak: Very good fourth line center. Makes very few mistakes, with the ability to chip-in offensively. Nice size. Knows role. Can cause and take advantage of a d-man's mistakes. Not enough skill to play on an above average teams top nine on a consistent basis. Not a bad player to center your "energy" line.

Scott Gomez: Crafty veteran who can make a play in small spaces. Excels in power play or offensive zone type situation, but can be exposed in 5v5. Not big nor physical. Loses too many battles. Nice fill-in for offense help, but can get exposed.

Scottie Upshall: Big enough paired with his speed to play a bottom six role in the NHL. Has ability to put puck away. Former high 1st round pick, who just never became consistent scorer. Seems to understand what it will take for him to stick on a team. High energy forward with some offensive skill.

Magnus Paajarvi: Nice size with some top end speed. Has skill as a former first round top ten pick. If he figures out how to use that speed to get on top of defenders, he will start creating mistakes. Needs to be more consistent in NHL game. Can tend to lose puck battles too easily. 4th line type player, still young enough to migrate to a third or second line type, but clock is ticking.

Carl Gunnarson: Ok height, sometimes looks and plays a little light. Can make a nice breakout pass. Has some skill. Fluid skater. Can turnover the puck in the wrong spot. Borderline top four type of defenseman.

Joel Edmundson. Young player with size and grit. Not afraid to take the body. Not much offense right now, which could improve with age. Keeping his game bland, which is exactly what team needs from him. As long as he keeps game simple and mistake free, he should stay in the lineup more often than not.

Robert Burtuzzo. Younger Veteran with size and grit. Will step up and make a hit, just has to be careful to not get beat. Will occasionally join offensive rush, just not going to create a lot of offense. Nice third pairing type of player.

Ryan Reaves: Has in the past used his size speed combo to get in on d-men and make crushing blows. Seems to be playing slower this year, maybe because of preseason injury. Seems to young to be slowing down. Team injuries maybe have forced him into lineup. When on top of his game excellent on forecheck. Not sure what it is but just not up to par with previous seasons.

Jake Allen: Nice frame. Excellent athlete. Has the ability to takeover and win a game for you. Like all young goalies consistency is going to be the key. All the skills are there. Can really help out his d-men with stick skills. Seems to be maturing. Just has to stay mentally focussed to limit soft goals. Could be turning into not only number one goalie, but a top NHL goalie.

Brian Elliot: Teammates seem to want to play for him. Not any glaring weaknesses with the exception of puck handling and throwing out the occasional clunker. Can be trusted to play against tougher competition. Management and coaching staff seem to always bypass him as a true number one goalie, however always seems stick or work his way back into the conversation.

Patrik Berglund: Jumbo pivot who can use his body to shield puck with the best of them. Adequate passer. Wrister is hard just not very accurate. Good along the boards and defensively responsible. Maybe just a bit slow to put up big points. When younger there seemed to be talk of elite scorer, never materialized. Very good middle six type player that can be a matchup problem for smaller teams.

Ty Rattie: Smallish type player who has some vision and shooting abilities. Needs to get better in defensive zone and along the boards. Doesn't seem as fast as he is quick. Needs to develop strength to battle in NHL. Still too young to pigeon hole as an AHL scorer only, but keeps getting passed over. Not a defined role with this team... yet.

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