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Beyond Checkerdome #108: Mental Case

The latest podcast is up and... truly committed

One's a hot rookie wearing #15 ... the other one is just some Sabre
One's a hot rookie wearing #15 ... the other one is just some Sabre
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Right off the bat, we have to apologize for the rough sound quality... it seems the Gods of Technology were not with us when we recorded this. Trying to clean this up even a little bit was enough to drive anyone nuts. Ironic then, that one of our number 8 jerseys had the nickname "Mental Case". It was probably pretty deserved, as you'll hear. Obviously, there's a lot of love for Barclay Plager as well. Then we cover the three games, where 4 out of 6 possible points is probably better than the team deserved -but we'll take them nonetheless. And finally, there's the recent goal-scoring panic, and the resulting ideas that have come out about that. All told, quite a bit of craziness.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

Here's a LINK for a good breakdown of the Toronto jersey/nameplate story. It's a fun read.

Thanks for sticking with us, even through crummy internet service and robo-voices. Just part of the charm of on-the-cheap podcasting, I suppose. If there's anything that you've thought of about the "goal-scoring panic" that is sweeping the NHL, and we didn't discuss it, let us know! Drop us a line via email at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com, or send us a tweet at @ByndCheckerdome. See images of our beer selections on our instagram page @BeyondCheckerdome, and if you listen to us via iTunes, please leave us a rating and/or review there.


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