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Beyond Checkerdome #109: Interference

The latest podcast episode is up and ready to battle through anything....

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"Hey Sid .... see ya at the All Star Game?"
"Hey Sid .... see ya at the All Star Game?"
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to mirror the team we talk about, we decided to show up late and put in a half-assed effort. Actually, we've had to battle some technical difficulties for this one, but we persevered and are finally able to publish. Faulty microphones and noisy neighbors are no match for this fully armed and operational podcast. We talk about a couple of games, from the Columbus win to the Panther/ Maple Leaf shit-shows. There's also some discussion of #9s of yore, and the John Scott ASG fan campaign. Somehow, we also squeeze in Yankee candles and hockey player entrepreneurs -

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE.

Just for the record, there IS a Yankee Candle like we described. Go Figure. If anyone wants to buy that for us, we'll certainly give it a try. If you've used one yourself, let us know how good/bad it was. As always, you can drop us a line at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com. Also, you can hit us up on Twitter @ByndCheckerdome. You can see our beer selections on our Instagram page @BeyondCheckerdome if you like. And, of course, if you find us on iTunes, please leave a rating and/or a review.


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