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Friday Links: Can't hold it back anymore

Bad singing, bad effort, bad commentary, bad asses and more...

Brian Elliott, just moments before his dreams of a solid effort from the team in front of him were mercilessly shattered.
Brian Elliott, just moments before his dreams of a solid effort from the team in front of him were mercilessly shattered.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry the links are so late.  Some of us can't half-ass our jobs as easily as the Blues can these days.  Also, my give a shit switch is a little broken right now when it comes to this team.  It seems most of the players can relate.

Blues News:

  • Blues can't play a full game, get beat by a very unremarkable team.  Don't worry though, it doesn't seem to be bothering anyone important. Justin has your shitty game recap. (Shitty being a modifier for the game, not the recap.) [STLGT]
  • The players on the ice aren't the only ones half-assing their jobs.  Apparently the people who design the in game entertainment are also out of fucks to give.  Can you blame them? [STLGT]
  • Your feel-good story for the day is a nice video about Captain America.  It makes me nostalgic for the days when I really liked the guy.  [STLGT]
  • Post writer Tom Timmerman thinks more checking equals more puck possession.  Except, when you have the puck you aren't checking. I think the way the math works is, we have to do more checking because we don't have puck possession. Whatever. [STLPD]
  • STLPD beat man had a Blues chat today.  Things we learned: The Blues aren't worried, Hitch is possibly (!) overbearing, the Blues aren't physical enough these days, Gunnarson makes a lot of mistakes but is still a better option than Bortuzzo, Tarasenko is going east/west too much and Hitch is only the problem because the players think he is the problem. [STLPD]
  • Blues Prospect Dunn leaves WJC with injury. [NBC Sports]

Hockey News:

  • 6 other games last night.  Joining the Blues in the embarassaing "lost a game we should have won" category are the Blackhawks, the Capitals and the Canadians. Misery loves company. [NHL]
  • 7 games tonight.  Dallas can embarrass the Blues tonight by stuffing the Flyers team that made us look like minor leaguers at times last night. [NHL]
  • Puck Daddy has 3 stars from last night. One of them helped enhance the Blues suffering. [Puck Daddy]
  • Dallas is going to be trouble this year, if you haven't figured that out yet.  Check this out to help you mentally prepare yourself for the disaster that could ensue on Saturday. [Puck Daddy]
  • An article about fighting that doesn't celebrate its decline. [Puck Daddy]
  • An article about fighting that asks the stupid question "why the NHL still allows bare knuckle boxing." In case you ever wondered if Pierre LeBrun is a fucking tool, let me answer it for you. Yes, he is. Bare knuckle fighting is actually MUCH safer than boxing with gloves.  Yeah, people are more likely to spring a leak but the gloves protect the puncher's fists allowing him to hit with much more force, and the gloves add a significant amount of weight to the punch which makes it more likely that people will get concussed because physics.  Players aren't getting concussed because of fair, square NHL fights, you fucking clownshoes.  If only I had a link to make my point using less profanity and more science. Anyway, here is Pierre being a tool. [ESPN]
  • Ah HAH.  An article that reinforces my point. That being, Pierre is a tool. [Neatorama]
  • A look at the biggest busts so far this year. [Bleacher Report]

Other Shite:

  • Read the interesting story of Kilroy and his tour of many dangerous places during WWII. [Neatorama]
  • Kids are funny and inappropriate part 52. [Distractify]
  • Some rules about sex that I think we can all get on-board with. [Distractify]
  • Your beer of the day is Horny Monk by Michigan-based Petoskey Brewing.  This smooth Belgian has a slightly sweet finish and the 6.9% ABV will help you 'let it go.' [Untappd]

Video of the Day:

Not only because it's funny, but also because it is good advice.

There is your video of the day.

Man, that is one ugly hockey team.