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Sunday Links - Werewolf

Or is it "Wrrrrrr-wolf"? You decide!

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When you score like one goal every 40 games or whatever, you should celebrate however the fuck you want.
When you score like one goal every 40 games or whatever, you should celebrate however the fuck you want.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

How inconsequential will THAT effort be if the Blues lose tonight to the Avalanche(s)?


  • But it was fun. A shutout over the division leader is never something to sneeze at. 3-0, Blues victorious over the potent Stars, and everyone stops freaking out for a night. HullandOates85 hit the Recap Machine. [SLGT]
  • This game had it all . . . including this from Ryan Reaves (WHO SCORED A FUCKING GOAL HOLY SHIT), marking the first time I'd ever actually seen a dab. #TylerIsOld [SLGT FanShots]
  • When you read the publication, you get to see cool stuff like Rick's Lighting The Lamp column. Here's a sample. (REMEMBER, GET THE PAPER TONIGHT, YOU ASSHOLES.) [SLGT]
  • Last night was Captains Night. [StL Today / Morning Skate]
  • Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman, who knows stuff and things, believes the Blues and Oilers did converse about a trade in recent times. [Frozen Notes]
  • "The Insider" of the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL chatted with Blues goaltending prospect Luke Opilka recently. Here are the two videos. (S/T to Childhood Trauma) [Kitchener RangersKitchener Rangers]


  • For news and views on the worst team in the Central Division, check out Mile High Hockey. [Mile High Hockey]
  • And remember, the Blues can't use playing in back-to-back games as an excuse tonight. The Avs did the same (winning 3-2 over the Preds in Nashville last night) AND flew into town this morning. [Mile High Hockey]


  • There were ten contests last night. Nine of them, we didn't care TOO much about. One of them, we clearly did. [ 12/12/2015]
  • Three contests today. One of them, we REALLY care about. One of them, we KINDA care about. One of them, we don't at all give a shit about (sorry, Islanders and Devils). [ 12/13/2015]


  • An underperforming team decides that something has to change and fires its' coach. Sound familiar? No, didn't happen here. It happened in Pittsburgh. The Penguins fired Mike Johnston yesterday and replaced him with Mike Sullivan, who had been coaching their AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre. [Puck Daddy]
  • Holy shit, Evgeny Kuznetsov, that was nice. (Y'know what ISN'T nice, though? Those  Lightning(s) alternates. Jesus hell, dudes.) [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Sabres center Ryan O'Reilly fell on his ass, but still scored the goal that won the game over the Kings . . . because apparently that's how you do 3-on-3 overtime. [SB Nation]
  • Somehow, whoever wrote this piece about the five reasons the Oilers could be playoff-worthy gave some semblance of ACTUAL reasons that could be possible. (They're not making the playoffs.) [USA Today]
  • Meanwhile, the Senators didn't have a great night last night, and their coach doesn't blame goalie Craig Anderson for being pissed at the team in front of him. [Sportsnet]
  • And remember how goaltender Jonathan Bernier was sent to the Marlies by the Maple Leafs on a conditioning stint? Well, he racked up another shutout down there, and he could be called up soon. [TSN]


  • What you should know before getting someone a drone for Christmas. (File that under "Sentences My Teenage Self Would Never Believe I'd Type In Earnest, Like, Ever".) [NPR / All Tech Considered]
  • The famed Army-Navy Game was yesterday afternoon. The West Point Cadets used a replica tank as a t-shirt cannon. FUCK YES, DUDE. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • Bournemouth's Junior Stanislas scored a goal directly from a corner kick yesterday. That . . . is NOT easy to do. Holy hell. [Deadspin / Screamer]
  • There will be FOURTEEN Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes thanks to their incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. OH HELL YES!!!!! [Nerdist]
  • As you may have heard, Frank Sinatra would have turned 100 yesterday. Here are 35 facts about one of the greatest vocalists to ever walk this earth. [Mental Floss]
  • The only thing on this planet that could be more vile than sweet potatoes HAS to be burnt sweet potatoes. [Y! / AP]


In honor of the official return of a full run (PLUS TWO) of MST3K, I give you the greatest hits from one of the most popular episodes of the original series run . . . the one where they riff on the movie Werewolf:

"I'm not holding back anything!" "Certainly not talent."

Hoosier Blue returns to the factory tomorrow. Trust me, man, I didn't hoard all the beer.