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Avalanche At Blues Morning Open Thread: Two Tired Teams

The Avalanche played the Predators last night, so both teams should be on equal footing today.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's game against the Dallas Stars, you could easily expect the Blues to be tired tonight. Aside from the usual second period sluggishness - which was not as bad as it usually is - the Blues played a hell of a game en route to a 3-0 shutout. It wasn't the outcome many fans expected, but it is one that we will happily take.

Luckily for the Blues, they won't be at a disadvantage tonight; in fact, they hold the advantage. The Colorado Avalanche defeated the Nashville Predators 3-2 last night before traveling to St. Louis. The Blues got to sleep in their own beds tonight; the Avalanche had to stay at a hotel.

Will the Blues' improved play prove sustainable tonight with an early 5:00 start, or will we be watching two slow teams try their best to get through the second end of a back-to-back? Hopefully the former.

This is your morning open thread. Check back in a little bit for a Lighting the Lamp, your preview, and the GDT. While you're waiting for puck drop, head over to Mile High Hockey and say hi.