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GameDay Thread: Calgary Flames At St Louis Blues

Flames riding a hot streak into today's matinee

Don't forget which team you're on, JayBo
Don't forget which team you're on, JayBo
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues don't play many afternoon games, but today's one of them. Hockey seems to be made for night time, and the normal game-day routine for players doesn't really lend itself to afternoon games. Yet here we are, hosting the Flames today with puck-drop at 2PM.

The Blues face a Calgary team that is red-hot: they've won 7 games in a row, their best run since 2005. Last year, the Flames made a name from themselves by winning a surprising number of come-from-behind games. This year, the Blues have a similar vibe, with Thursday's win over Nashville being the most recent example. #RoarBacon!

What does that mean for tonight? It means that scoring first doesn't really matter, as both teams are confident in their ability to come back. It could come down to simply who scores last. Brian Elliott is in goal for the good guys, and Karri Ramo for the bad guys.

What is with Calgary and Finnish goalies?

Comment below, and call 'em as you see 'em. I will be at the game, as will everybody's favorite pastry royalty Mr/Mrs Donut King.

Let's Go Blues!